Mamit District, Lengpui -796410, Mizoram









          Presently, KVK, Lengpui had three (3) community vegetable nurseries at three different location viz. Upper Dialdawk, Lower Dialdawk & West Lungdar estimated to cover an area of 7 ha (5 ha and 2 ha) respectively. The main crops raised were cabbage, cauliflower, brinjal, chillies, capsicum, broccoli, turnip etc. The seedlings of these vegetable crops is distributed to different farmers within Mamit district. These Community Vegetable production nurseries greatly increase the production of vegetables within the community by decreasing the mortality rate of vegetable seedlings when raised in nurseries. 

          Apart from the mentioned crops, other winter vegetables were also distributed to many farmers within Dialdawk Valley & Darlak, Bawngva plains. AP-1 variety of garden pea and mustard are the popular seeds distributed along with many cole crops and solanaceous vegetables.










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