Mamit District, Lengpui -796410, Mizoram







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      Detail survey of the district was carried out to study the farming community regarding their occupation, social behaviors,transport facilities, livelihood, types of crops grown, educational facilities, type of soil etc. To finish the survey earlier, Officers & Staffs of KVK, Lengpui were divided into three groups and each group make their move after one group had completed their survey area. Though the survey was tough, due to poor road & communication structure every group had a wonderful experience. Village level sustainability can be found in certain pockets only (very few) but majority yet rely on imports. Bordering villages with Chakma/ Bru are yet indecisive with land ownership and a political insecurity can be felt. Agriculture is the backbone for most of the village, yet, jhum type of cultivation is followed devastating the lands. Certain crops like rice, maize, pulses, brinjal, sesame, sugarcane, chillies, ginger, turmeric are cultivated as double cropping. Plantations of Oil Palm & Teak (tectonia grandis) & Hatkora are also found in some of the areas.





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