Mamit District, Lengpui -796410, Mizoram










              A few FLDs were decided to be taken up shortly by KVK, Lengpui. Among them more stress would be laid upon on long term plantation crops prevalent within the districts. To name a few, Banana, Papaya, Oil palm & Citrus are to be demonstrated tentatively from the next planting season.  Rejuvenation of Citrus decline (Khasi mandarin) is also a serious concern for the  district  for  which a special  FLD  may  be  taken.


               Weed  management  & its  control  measures  covering physical, chemical, manual & organic management of weeds especially in brinjal will also be taken up at the earliest. Integrated fish-cattle farming is another important aspect in which FLD will be taken up. Presently, we have 2 fish pond and  5 nos. cows, where integrated farming is followed. A more intensive integrated farming with the two aspect cattle & fish will be taken up in the next season







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