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               On farm trial is another important activities taken up at KVK, Lengpui. Green manuring with cowpea was done before crops are grown in the demonstration plot. Ver-micompost and cowdung produced from our Farm is also  incorporated to the plot to maintain regular soil fertility. Kharif crops like Okra (Variety – NS-801, NS-808, NS-810 and Arka Anamika) and Babycorn (Variety – Golden Baby) were sown and harvested from the demonstration plot of KVK,Lengpui. Rabi crops like Radish,Cauliflower, Brinjal, Brocolli, Cabbage, Tomato, Carrot etc were sown and transplanted. The main theme of our OFT is boosting up production in the same land without depleting the soil fertility. Apart from this, conservation of irrigation water using mulch & plastic sheets are also done. OFT’s of two tamoto varieties is presently being taken up. In the next season, French Bean will also be taken up in our OFT along with  Bio-Control in Paddy Stem Borer & Leaf Folder.





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