Mamit District, Lengpui -796410, Mizoram




















            Pests and diseases of vegetables and spices which has economic importance within Mamit district as a whole with its measures of control was taught to the farmers of Rawpuichhip, Rulpuihlim, Mamit, Serzawl & Hmunpui Village of Mamit District. Apart from these, practical demonstration on spray equipments, its use and its safe handling to the farmers of Lengpui was also conducted. Pesticides, herbicides and rodenticides  are  made  available at  KVK, Lengpui free of cost to the farmers within the districts as and when the need arrive after consultation of its safe use from expert /specialist on plant protection. Use of bio-control in Paddy stem borer and leaf folder and cultivation of French Bean var RCM FB-1 keeping IPM to be the main focus of the equipment is being proposed in the Annual Action Plan 2008-2009 to be carried out as on Farm trail.





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