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               KVK Mamit District for the first time organized a technology week from 8th to10th December, 2009 more than 300nos.of farmers, farm women and rural youth participated in the technology week.


               Inaugural session was chaired by Shri T.Sangkunga, Addl.Secretary (Agriculture etc.) Govt. of Mizoram where Shri. John Rotluangliana, Hon'ble Deputy Speaker, Mizoram Lagislative Assembly was the Chief Guest and Shri. Lalrinmawia Ralte, Parliamentary Secretary (Home) was the Guest of honour, Dr.O.P.Singh, Director of Agriculture (Research & Education), Govt. of Mizoram, Shri P.Bhattacherjee, Director of Agriculture (Crop Husbandry), Govt. of Mizoram, Shri.Zothankhuma IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Mamit District, Dr.K.P.Choudhary, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Aizawl District, Selesih, Shri.Lalthlamuana, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Kolasib District, Kolasib, Smt.Lalramhluni, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Champhai District, Khawzawl were also present in th inaugural session.


               In the inauguration session, the following assets were inaugurated by dignitaries :

1.  Shri. John Rotluangliana, Chief Guest inaugurated the Technology Week and also the Administrative

     Building of KVK,

     Mamit District, Lengpui.

2.  Shri. Lalrinmawia Ralte, Guest of honour inaugurated The Automatic Weather Station.

3.  Shri.Zothankhuma  IAS, District Collector, Mamit District inaugurated Farmers Hostel.


               On the first, second and third day, Farmers, Farm Women, rural youths, school children and other visitor visited different demonstration units. They saw different modern and useful technology of crop production, animal science, farm power machinery and equipment, vermicompost, fishery and integrated farming. Documentary films on different modern technology, use different farm power machineries and equipments, organic farming, food processing, animal husbandry etc. were shown during technology week. Different modern, useful sustainable technology and equipments of agriculture and allied sectors, different specimen, manures and fertilizer, plant protection chemical and method, different fish species, different veterinary medicine, different agro-forestry system and forestry related information and seeds and planting materials of horticulture crops were exhibited on different stalls during technology week by the different Subject Matter Specialists. Seeds of different crops, manure and fertilizers and leaflets of different subject were also distributed during the technology week.



               An ongoing On Farm Trial on performance of cabbage (var. Asha) is presently undertaken at KVK, Mamit District to find out its growth and yield performances. Different levels of nitrogen in the form of Urea was applied and so far it is being observed that the plants under 120kg N/ha shows better performance in respect of head formation, days to head formation, weight and sizes followed by 80 kg N/ha and 60kg N/ha respectively. Final results of the experiment is expected b late February 2010.



               Few activities under ATMA (Agriculture Technology Management Agency) was undertaken by KVK, Mamit District under DAO, Mamit who is also th project Director. Under this programme, farm schools were organised at 10 different villages within Mamit District. During November 2009, Farmers tour was conducted comprising of 20 farm women at Cachar  KVK,  Assam and surrounding areas.





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