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        A two days duration Training on Cultivation of Strawberry was organised by Horticulture Department of Mizoram in collaboration with Zopar Pvt. Ltd on 25 & 26th Oct. 2010 at Agriculture Conference Hall, Aizawl. The Training was sponsored by Biotechnology Department of Mizoram University. Programme Coordinator, Subject Matter Specialists (Horticulture etc), Farm Managers  representing  various KVKs of Mizoram attended the Training. Shri. T. Liankunga Horticulture Dev. Officer was the Course Director. The Trainee Officers, in the afternoon of  26th Oct.,2010 visited Chite Farm where various Seed/Seedlings production techniques were shown to the visiting Trainees. The Training was attended by Mr.R.K.Nithanga, PC, Ms.Larinsangi , SMS(Agro-Forestry) and Ms. K.Zohmingliani Farm Manager from this KVK.

Seven KVKs of Mizoram are taking up Strawberry Cultivation in collaboration with Biotechnology Department of Mizoram University. The BT planlets are being supplied by MU and KVKs will supervise and monitor its cultivation by selected farmers. Plating in the field is expected to complete within October.







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